Wreck-It Ralph Trailer Features Classic Video Game Characters From The 80′s and 90′s

Wreck-It Ralph is tired of his day job as the villain in the Fix-It Felix Jr arcade game, a position he has held down oh so diligently for 30 years while players pumped quarter after quarter into the arcade machine(s) he inhabits. At 9 feet tall and 643 pounds, Ralph truly believes he could be a "good guy", and he will set out in this movie to prove it. Wreck-It Ralph stars John C Reily as the voice of Ralph, with Jane Lynch, Jack McBrayer, and Sarah Silverman also starring.

wreck it ralph poster1 Wreck It Ralph Trailer Features Classic Video Game Characters From The 80s and 90s


Bonus: If you pause it at the 1:10 mark, you can see Ralph's "Bad-Anon: One Game at a Time" video game villain support group sitting in a circle. Starting at Ralph and going to the right, heres the villians I know/don't know.

1. Ummmm....Diablo?
2. Some sort of Ninja I think
3. Bowser from Super Mario Bros
4. Zangief from Street Fighter II (and beyond)
5. Dr Robotnik from Sonic Spinball
6. M Bison from Street Fighter II (and.....beyond)
7. Pokey or "Clyde" from Pac Man
8. Generic Evil Robot Villian that I don't know if he is an actual game villian.
9. Hmmmmmmmmm
10. Maybe the Rhino from Donkey Kong Country?
11. Generic Alien baddie
12 Generic Zombie

How many do you know?