Wreck-It Ralph Trailer Features Classic Video Game Characters From The 80’s and 90’s

Wreck-It Ralph is tired of his day job as the villain in the Fix-It Felix Jr arcade game, a position he has held down oh so diligently for 30 years while players pumped quarter after quarter into the arcade machine(s) he inhabits. At 9 feet tall and 643 pounds, Ralph truly believes he could be a "good guy", and he will set out in this movie to prove it. Wreck-It Ralph stars John C Reily as the voice of Ralph, with Jane Lynch, Jack McBrayer, and Sarah Silverman also starring.


Bonus: If you pause it at the 1:10 mark, you can see Ralph's "Bad-Anon: One Game at a Time" video game villain support group sitting in a circle. Starting at Ralph and going to the right, heres the villians I know/don't know.

1. Ummmm....Diablo?
2. Some sort of Ninja I think
3. Bowser from Super Mario Bros
4. Zangief from Street Fighter II (and beyond)
5. Dr Robotnik from Sonic Spinball
6. M Bison from Street Fighter II (and.....beyond)
7. Pokey or "Clyde" from Pac Man
8. Generic Evil Robot Villian that I don't know if he is an actual game villian.
9. Hmmmmmmmmm
10. Maybe the Rhino from Donkey Kong Country?
11. Generic Alien baddie
12 Generic Zombie

How many do you know?