Washington Upsets #7 Oregon State, GO HUSKIES!

I left work tonight with a feeling of doubt when it came to the Washington Huskies chances of pulling off the upset against #7 Oregon State. The Beavers had come back to tie the game at 17 with about five minutes left and seemingly had the momentum (I wasn't watching it, so how the hell did I know?).

When Rika picked me up and drove me the ten minutes it takes to get home, I totally spaced out and forgot about it. But when I starting turning the key to the front door of our home I nearly spasmed and kicked the door down to go check the score on ESPN.COM, and look what I was greeted with:

GOOOOOO HUSKIES! That's right, the Dawgs took out previously unbeaten Oregon State 20-17, a game I definitely didn't pick yesterday, in fact, more than any other game this year, I just didn't like our chances for some reason. Its just the way this season has gone. But now the Huskies have beaten two top ten teams in 2012.