USA Basketball 2012: Gold Medal Game vs Spain Semi-Tweetfest!

Today is the day for the rematch of the 2008 Olympic Finals classic between the United States and Spain. Can the Spaniards stop the red, white, and blue juggernaut that has barely been tested these Olympics? Personally, I doubt it, even if they bring their A game they can still lose by 20+, but the fan in me wants to see another battle like we saw four years ago. For those of you who missed it, here are highlights from the 2008 Gold Medal Game, starting with the first half:

2nd Half

I should be getting home in time to hold a live Tweetfest, I will be using the hashtag #USAHoops to keep you up on the action. You can follow me on Twitter @DouBleBReviewS, or you can just watch the feed below. The game kicks off around 7:00am WEST COAST time.