USA Basketball 2012: Exhibition vs Argentina Highlights

Barcelona, Spain, where the first Dream Team played in the Olympics, was where Team USA Basketball took on Argentina, a team that has beaten the Americans a few times in the last ten years. Led by floppers like Manu Ginobli, they have played together a long time and know how to get in the heads of other teams. In fact, it got a little chippy in the 2nd quarter today. I love seein' that shit, it shows that they are takin' it seriously and want that gold. 

But anyways, this is motherfuckin' Team USA we're talkin' about, and Kevin Durant led his team to the 86-80 W with 27 points, including 7-11 on trey balls. 

Wanna see some ballers, watch Spain take on the Americans on Tuesday. They've got a rock solid squad, including players like Mark and Pau Gasol, Jose Calderon, and THE SERGE PROTECTOR, Serge Ibaka, and they play really well together. Both teams won't show their full deck per se, since it's not quite the Olympics yet and theirs a chance they might meet again in London. But you're gonna see what I think are the two best teams in the world battle it out.