Thursday Trailer Shootout – Ice Age, Badass, Cabin in the Woods, 21 Jump St, Snow White, Bully

Thursday Trailer Shootout! (formerly known as Thursday Trailer Round-Up!) is my bi-weekly segment where I post a handful of trailers that I might have missed but have an interest in, whether for good……or evil!
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Thursday Trailer Shootout!

First up, Ice Age 4: Continental Drift – “Theres another Ice Age?” Yep, and why not? Each sequel has outgained its predecessor at the Box Office, and overall the series is incredibly profitable: 2002′s first entry in the series earned $383 Million on a modest $59 million budget, 2006′s Ice Age 2: The Meltdown hit $655 million with an $80 million price tag, and 2009′s Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs rang up $886 million on $90 million. If you take those three you have a rough estimate of a $1.7 BILLION profit. Holy shit, no wonder they’re making another one.

Danny Trejo plays a fictionalized version of Thomas Bruso, aka “Epic Beard Man” in the second trailer for Badass. The first trailer was good enough that I took the time to post it on Christmas Day.


Cabin in the WoodsFinal Trailer – A lot of people are skeptical about Joss Whedon‘s other project (the “other” being The Avengers), mainly due to what seems like a major plot point being revealed in the first trailer.

21 Jump Street – Extended Red Band Trailer – This is actually the first I’ve seen of this movie, and it looks pretty damn funny. I watched the Johnny Depp starring TV show when it was in it’s early days, but I don’t remember it being funny. Anyways,  I’ll add it to the Instant Netflix list when it comes out. Theaters? Nah.

 Snow White and the HuntsmanJapanese Teaser – As I have said before – WHAT THE HELL IS THIS MOVIE ABOUT? I’m not too familiar with the Snow White mythos, but does she really fight battles and lead armies against enemies that fall apart like paper? I don’t know if this, or the other upcoming Snow White film (“Mirror, Mirror“) looks worse. How lame is Hollywood that this is happening?



Bully – This documentary about teen bullying has been seeing a lot of mileage in the press over the last few day, mostly to do with a campaign to switch it’s rating from “R” to “PG-13″. It’s With the “R” rating it cannot be shown in most High Schools in the country. Ellen Degeneres even piped in today, siding with the teenagers who are trying to get the rating lowered. For any teenagers reading this, cut the bullying bullshit out, you just look like a douche. Many of the people you are making fun of now are going to be much more successful than you are, so fuck off.