Thursday Trailer Shootout! – Dark Knight Rises, Looper, The Master, Total Recall, Frank and Robot, Here Comes the Boom, Red Hook Summer

Thursday Trailer Shootout! is my bi-weekly segment where I post a handful of trailers that I might have missed but have an interest in, whether for good……or evil!
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This edition of Thursday Trailer Shootout! Will not be indy heavy like we've seen in the last few editions. Nope, we're goin' MOTHERFUCKIN MAINSTREAM STYLE.

First up! - A movie you might have heard of called The Dark Knight Rises. This insanely epic looking trailer showed up over a week ago and I have tried not to watch it. But I did. And now so should you. DB 7/4 - Actually that one was deleted so heres another new one from Nokia.


- There aren't many time travel movies that I wouldn't at least consider watching, and Looper is an awesome looking time travel movie. It stars Inception's Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Bruce Willis (as the same person, only years apart), and Emily Blunt.

The Master - Paul Thomas Anderson's first directorial effort since There Will Be Blood has a second teaser trailer. If you missed the first, you can check it out in the May 31st edition of Thursday Trailer Shootout!

Total Recall - I am genuinely excited about this one. Insert generic sentence about hoping it lives up to the Arnold Schwarzenegger version despite the lack of a trip to Mars.

Frank and Robot - Frank Langella and Susan Surandon star in this offbeat movie about a former jewel thief who teaches his new robot butler his old thieving habits. Pretty damn great looking actually. Never heard of it until tonight.  

Here Comes the Boom - Director Frank Coraci is best known for directing Adam Sandler films, including my favorite, The Wedding Singer. I'm not the biggest fan of Kevin James, mostly because I've never seen anything he has been in and I'm totally quick to judge, but I might give this one a chance. Apparently this is a story of a guy who is so desperate to bang Salma Hayek that he allows himself to get his ass beat by MMA Fighters. Probably a true story.

Last up - Red Hook Summer - Spike Lee's latest directorial effort. The only person I recognized was good enough to make really want to watch this: Clarke Peters, best known as Detective Lester Freamon (aka Cool Lester Smooth)in The Wire.