The Virtual Reality Headset from Oculus Rift Looks Like It’s No Victormaxx Stuntmaster, and That’s A Good Thing

Oculus Rift has a Kickstarter for an affordable virtual reality helmet that just passed over the $1 million mark in pledges today. This is very exciting news if it works, cause gamers have been burned before with the promise of virtual reality, like the infamous VictorMaxx Stuntmaster for the SEGA Genesis and Super Nintendo. It was dogshit

I was a young buck in the early 1990's when Virtual Reality (VR) was a hot topic, in fact, it seemed like everybody was pointing to it as the guaranteed future of gaming. 1992's The Lawnmower Man, a sci-fi horror movie that had Pierce Brosnan as a scientist who uses VR to turn a simple-minded gardener (Jeff Fahey) into an uber-genius who can kill people with his mind, really got people talking. The thought was that if they could play video games like that in the movie, we must not be too far off from doing so in your own living room. 

Heres a random fact-oid for ya: The CGI used in Lawnmower Man, which was considered revolutionary at the time, was developed by Angel Studios, who eventually became video game studio Rockstar San Diego, who's most famous product is Red Dead Redemption. Which I'm just getting back into again (it's still fucking awesome). 

The trailer for 1992's The Lawnmower Man, the film that had gamers salivating for the future that might finally be here. Another fact-oid for ya: This movie was so nothing like the Stephen King story that King sued New Line to get his name removed from it twice, winning each time. But New Line still didn't comply...... until after it was ruled that King would get $10,000 PER DAY in compensation and all profits from sales. Then New Line gave up.