The Red Dawn Remake Finally Has a Trailer, Complete with Paratroopers and Guerrilla Warfare

The original Red Dawn is most definitely in my top 10 movies of the 80's. It had Patrick Swayze (RIP) leading a group of high school students (who called themselves THE WOLVERINES!) in some guerrilla warfare against the Soviet, Cuban, and Nicaraguans who invaded their small Colorado town (and a lot of the US for that matter).

The group of soldiers he led all became well known figures of 80's cinema, including C.Thomas Howell, Lea Thompson, Jennifer Grey, and some guy named Charlie Sheen in his first movie role. Anybody who has seen it probably remembers its still-haunting opening where the invading forces are parachuting into town, kicking off World War III. 

The remake was supposed to be released nearly two years ago, but was put on the back burner due to MGM Studios financial troubles at the time. They even changed the invaders from Chinese to North Korean so they could "maintain access to China's lucrative box office".

The delay might help a little bit anyways, since at least two of it's stars have become much more well known, if consider Chris Hemsworth's two movies as Thor and Josh Hutcherson's role in Hunger Games as image boosters. I also love the casting of Seattleite Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Lt. Col. Andrew Tanner, a role perfected by Powers Boothe in the 80's version. Morgan played The Comedian in The Watchmen, and was fucking awesome.

Anyways, without further delay, here is the first trailer for the Red Dawn remake, due out November 21st.