The Next on Instant Netflix Report – September 2012

September 1st (List only, too damn many)

Tommy Boy - Not sure how well it has aged, but when it came out, was one of the best comedies EVER.

Face/Off - John Travolta and Nicholas Cage, both at the peak of their popularity/madness. I liked Snake Eyes better.

Howard Stern's Private Parts - Fantastic comedy that did age well, I know cause I watched it a couple of weeks ago with Rika. For those of you who doubt Stern's talent because you think of him as a talent show judge, please, do yourself a favor and watch it.

The Thing (1982 version) - One of the best sci-fi/horror films you will ever see. Crazy special effects.

Hot Rod - Underrated. 

Letters from Iwo Jima - The Clint Eastwood directed war epic is best seen in tandem with it's companion, Flags of our Fathers.

Jackass: Number Two - Time Magazine just named it the #1 film of all-time. Ok that's not true. Still a masterpiece.

Mission: Impossible III - Watched it on Monday. Not as good as Ghost Protocol, but not bad.

Zombies of Mass Destruction - Filmed in Port Gamble, which is about 35 minutes away from my hometown. Probably the biggest thing to ever happen there. Great zombie carnage.

The Descent: Part 2 - Fantastic straight to DVD sequel to Neil Marshall's 2005 horror film.

Team America: World Police - FUCK YEAH!

Explorers - Joe Dante's lesser known, but still rad film that was the feature film debut for both River Pheonix and Ethan Hawke.

Eddie Murphy Raw - I prefer delirious. Still...from a time when Eddie Murphy was the funniest man alive.

Footloose - Never actually seen it, but I know that it's heavily parodied in Hot Rod.

Ma-Ma-Ma.Ma-Ma-Ma-Ma-MEAN GIRLS! - Yes. I went and saw it in theaters.

Insomnia - Pre-Batman Christopher Nolan's worst film, in my not so humble opinion.

We Were Soldiers - Very BO-RING for a war film.

Highlander - Heeeeeere we are! Born to be kings, WE ARE THE PRINCES OF THE UNIVERSE!

Serpico - Another one I haven't seen, except for the Max Fischer produced play in Rushmore.

Beverly Hills Cop I and II - Murphy at his finest, the second one was directed by Tony Scott, who recently committed suicide.

What Women Want - When my buddy Max and I went to see Cast Away, Big Mike and Gabe went and saw this shit show. I'm glad I went to see Cast Away.

Braveheart - Got this beast on Blu-ray for Christmas.

Titan A.E. - Despite being a box office bomb, I really enjoyed it. But that was like ten years ago, so it may suck now.

South Park: Bigger, Longer, and Uncut - Shitfaced cockmaster, uncle fucker, horsefucker. One of the best movie theater experiences of my life was hearing the shocked parents who were enviable for hanging through the whole movie. Well, some of them did at least.

Varsity Blues - I thought this movie was going to be really, really godawful. It turned out to be an okay Friday Night Lights ripoff. The book FNL, not the movie or the show, cause they weren't out yet.

Deep Impact - Watched it this morning. Michael Bay released the very similar in shittier ways Armageddon the same year (RIP Michael Clarke Duncan BTW). Very underrated and not near as well known because of Bay's shitfest being the biggest movie of the year.

King Kong (1976) - Admittedly, despite it's overall cheese factor, I enjoyed it a lot more than the Peter Jackson take.

The Doors - Despite it's blatant inaccuracies, I loved it. Val Kilmer's portrayal of Jim Morrison is spot on.

DouBle Jeopardy - One of those movies that are great to watch in the background on a lazy Sunday if you've got nothing better to do.

Dog Day Afternoon - Still haven't seen this movie. Holds a 97% rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

Beavis and Butt-head Do America - Mike Judge is a motherfucking genius.

Coming to America - SEXUAL CHOCOLATE!


Basic Instinct - This movie made Sharon Stone a sex symbol. I don't remember much about the actual plot, except that icepicks are involved. If you were like me, and were a twelve year old when it came out you really didn't watch it for the suspenseful story.

 Clueless - Alicia Silverstone seemed like she would be a star forever after this movie. Then Batman and Robin happened. That couldn't have helped. It's actually based on the Jane Austen novel Emma. Clueless, not Batman .


Chaplin: The Movie - Haven't seen this one either, a pre-drugged out Robert Downey Jr in one of his more prominent early-ish roles (guys been around forever)