The NBA’s Top Ten Dunks of the Week – April 20th Edition

It's Saturday. I think. For the second week in a row, the Oklahoma City Thunder had a player deliver the best dunk of the week according to NBA.COM (AND THE FUCKING WORLD), see who it is by watching the video below of the NBA's Top Ten Dunks of the Week. Or just look at the picture below. It's Russel Westbrook. Read on after the jump to see my opinions on each JAAAAAAM.

  1. James Johnson of the Toronto Raptors busts out the camo swag and throws one down hard over who I think is Zaza Pachulia of the Atlanta Hawks - Notice how he takes one of those little "I'm going to try to dunk on you" dribbles before launching. It has no meaning except to get your footing ready to try to dunk on somebody bigger than you. If you look closely you'll notice he almost dribbled it too hard and fumbled it. Instead, he made the Top 10.

  2. Tim Duncan of the San Antonio Spurs hammered a one hander over former Dukie Josh McRoberts of the LA Lakers - If you didn't know, Tim Duncan is the greatest power forward of all-time. You may like another power forward better for his personality or "that one time he killed Duncan", but Duncan, who is playing very beastly as of late is DA BEST.

  3. Former Arizona Wildcat and current Minny Timberwolves forward Derrick Williams takes a nice pick and roll pass from JJ Barea and yacked one in Lou Amundson of the Indiana Pacers eye.

  4. Gerald Green with the alley-oop against the Boston Celtics - First of all this is an incredible pass from one of the best in Deron Williams. I just read a somewhat interesting article on Bill Simmons' about Gerald Green's recent resurgence with the New Jersey Nets. Good for him.

  5. Ben Gordon takes a floater from the free throw line while triple teamed, only to have it hit off the rim to be followed up with authority by Jason Maxiell - Actually that's pretty much it. A high degree of difficulty on that one.

  6. Randy Foye jams over Serge Ibaka - Ibaka, the league's leader in blocks by a mile, probably thought he had a new victim. Well, he was wrong.

  7. "Let's just find a random Blake Griffin dunk and throw it in there. Fuck it, you know his average dunks are always top five material"

  8. LeBron James with a windmill dunk that he could pull off in his sleep - I hate to be a hater in a place where so many people already hate, but I fuckin hope the Heat go down again this year. They don't seem to have it in them. But that can change, boy can it ever, if James decides to take over.

  9. Rudy Gay caps off some great teamwork WITH A FREAKISH JAM - Holy fuck he took off from a mile out. Watch out for the Grizz in the playoffs.

  10. RUSSEL WESTBROOK GETS NASTY - Ooooh, Gawd damn, Gawd damn. He made a point of viciously finishing off that sweet alley oop from Kevin Durant. The second it went down all competitors were hereby finished for the week. Look for Griffin to retaliate next week.