The NBA’s Top Ten Dunks of the Week – April 13th Edition

To me, there's nothing better in sports than a good JAAAAAAM. That's why I'm gonna continue to post the NBA.COM Top Ten Dunks of the Week until the season ends. Once again yes I know that today's date is April 14th, but NBA.COM releases the top ten on Friday and I post it on Saturdays. Soooooo FUCK OFF and read my thoughts on each dunk after the jump.

  1. Kenneth Faried dunks on the Warriors - You should rewatch this to see the amazing defensive effort by Golden State.
  2. Blake Griffin one handed alley-oop catch and finish - This probably should have been higher, but he makes it look so routine.
  3. LeBron James with the follow up dunk after a zzzzzzzzzzz...........
  4. Is that Thabo Sefolosha with the nifty jam on the baseline? - I didn't know it, but he's been back for almost a month now, which means the Thunder have another stopper.
  5. Andre Iguodola with a "Sledgehammer" on the New Jersey Nets - Once again a great example of good team team defense by the Nets.
  6. Derrick Favors throws down over a couple a Spurs - You know what? I totally forgot about Derrick Favors. How did he end up in Utah? I forget.
  7. Lebron to Wade and back to Lebron for the alley-oop - That's more like it.
  8. Brandan Wright with two spectacular plays against the Trailblazers - This guy has what they call "loads of potential". But it's been that way for years.
  9. Griffin over Serge Ibaka, last season's blocks leader - How many times has he done this? He might be the best in-game dunker I have ever seen.
  10. Kevin Durant with the nasty business over 7-2 Roy Hibbert - I actually included this as a bonus video for last weeks Top Ten Dunks. No surprise it landed here.