The NBA’s Top Ten Dunks of the Week – April 6th Edition

There were a lot of great dunks in the NBA this past week, and dwindling them down to the ten best is one hell of a task. Luckily I don't have to do that shit and the team at NBA.COM took care of it. And yes, I know it's April 7th, but the video was released yesterday, APRIL 6th, so..........FUCK OFF and enjoy the show. After the jump you can read about my thoughts on each of the dunks and see a bonus of Kevin Durant's throwdown over the Pacers 7-2 center Roy Hibbert last night.

Los Angeles Clippers forward Blake Griffin dunks over Los Angeles Lakers forward Pau Gasol, of Spain, during the first half of an NBA basketball game, Wednesday, April 4, 2012, in Los Angeles. (AP Photo/Mark J. Terrill)

  1. Dwight Howard's hustle gets awarded with an alley-oop jaaaaaaam against the Dallas Mavericks - Howard could do that in his sleep, and he might have just done that considering how much he's been whining about playing in Orlando all season.
  2. Josh Smith hammers it over two white guys on the Knicks - I'm a big fan of Smith, one of those players that every team in the league would like to have. He is good in so many ways that impact a game, he blocks shots, can hit a midrange jumper, and jump over your head, and finish with power.
  3. KD over Turiaf - Like Hubie Brown says, Turiaf looks like he thought he was going to block that dunk, but that last view shows he wasn't even close. That's what eight feet of arms does for you.
  4. Iggy pops one over somebody on the Heat - more impressive each time I watch it. He took off damn near the free throw line.
  5. Chris Paul fools three defenders and delivers a perfect alley-oop to DeAndre Jordan - what's most impressive is how easy Paul makes it look. Now that I'm looking at it again he's abusing four defenders when you throw in Gordon Hayward's half-ass swipe while trying to look like he's playing defense.
  6. Javale McGee tomahawks one over somebody on the Bobcats - whoever it was probably can't wait to get home after this disastrous season.
  7. Blake Griffin's first dunk on Gasol - "Move Bitch, get out the way". The Spaniard never even saw it coming, you can see it in his face on the picture above, in which he also has that look of "should I cry about this or take it like a man?" which was probably followed with "Over the back ref! OVER THE BACK!". It's Griffin entered a cheat code that lets him defy gravity.
  8. Omer Asik gets posterized by Russel Westbrook - This one gets my vote. There's not much he could have done in that situation. Holy fuck is Westbrook explosive.
  9. JJ Hickson over DeAndre Jordan - This one is impressive too because the ball is actually knocked out of his hands and he's still able to finish.
  10. Griffin over Gasol II: The Whining Continues - for the abuse that Gasol had to take on that play, Griffin was just handed a flagrant-1 foul by the NBA. I'd take that one with pride Blake. It was totally worth it. But still.....Go Lakers!

Bonus - last night KD decided to throw down a a vicious one hand slam over the Pacers 7-2 center Roy Hibbert. We'll see where this one lands next Saturday!