The NBA’s Top Ten Dunks of the Season

It was an eventful first day for the NBA playoffs. Some teams had really shitty days, like the Chicago Bulls, who won their game against the 76ers, but lost reigning MVP Derrick Rose to an ugly knee injury that will not only knock him (and Chicago's title hopes) out for the rest of the playoffs, but for the upcoming Summer Olympics. Others had great nights, like my favorite team, the Oklahoma City Thunder, who appeared to be going down after Dirk Nowitzky calmly nailed two free throws to put the Dallas Mavericks up one with nine seconds left, only to be beaten by a Kevin Durant junk shot (yeah I spelled that right) that went down with 1.5 seconds left. Even Rika, who generally doesn't care for watching basketball with me, was jumping up and down after that one.

But who cares about all that? We're here to see some fucking dunks! This is a special edition which counts down the top ten JAAAAAAM's of the 2011-2012 NBA regular season, brought to us by the nerds at NBA.COM. As usual, hit the jump, aka the blue highlighted text after the video below, to see my opinions on each.

  1. Rudy Gay of the Memphis Grizzlies completes the worlds first three point dunk - Ok, it wasn't quite from the three point line, but damn did he take off from a mile out. The fast break to set it up must have made the coach giddy.

  2. John Wall of the Washington Wizards one hands over somebody who realized who he was a second too late - Whatever player that was on the lowly Bobcats, he was hustling real hard,  then at the last second catches himself before he actually tried  to jump and challenge the alien like hops of the young Wall.

  3. Paul George of the Indiana Pacers with the double pump reverse against the Nets - This dunk won Harold Miner two dunk contests, Paul George does this shit in game. He's a player to look out for in the future btw (George, not Miner).

  4. Kenneth Faried of the Denver Nuggets gets rewarded for the hustle with a "I hope he's back there" alley-oop from Rudy Fernandez - Hadn't seen that one until today.

  5. Blake Griffin blows up Pau Gasol's rebound attempt with two hands - I love watching this one and focusing on Gasol, who never saw it coming.

  6. Later that day......

  7. LeBron jumps OVER John Lucas of the Chicago Bulls - This was just silly, it's almost like he jumped over Lucas from that 1980's movie with Charlie Sheen and that chick from Goonies.  Like I have said before, hopefully this guy will someday decide to take over when it matters .

  8. KD to Westbrook - This was last week's top dunk. The last angle shows how nasty it was.

  9. Griffin literally throws the ball DOWN to the hoop over OKC's Kendrick Perkins - Perkins played it perfectly, but Griffin might have some of that Wall-esque alien blood.

  10. Gerald Green with the windmill alley-oop finish - Think, when this season started this guy was struggling to find a job in the NBA, now he takes down the mighty Griffin to win NBA.Com's Dunk of the Year.