The Loved Ones – Every Popular, Egotistical Teenage Males Worst Nightmare

The Loved Ones covers that nightmare scenario that every popular, egotistical teenage boy secretly fears: that the quiet, awkward girl who you turned down for *The Enchantment Under The Sea Dance* morphs into the scariest buchiach you'll ever meet in your life.

Brent (played by Xavier Samuel) is that poor bastard in The Loved Ones. See, he thought that it was all right to go to the dance with his girlfriend, Holly (Victoria Thaine), but fuck no it wasn't all right, not according to Lola (Robin McLeavy) aka the girl he turned down. She's apparently a FUCKING LUNATIC, and the apple didn't fall too far from the tree, judging by the looks of her dad.

The Loved Ones had an interesting first trailer that I featured in my March 22nd edition of the THURSDAY TRAILER SHOOTOUT! The movie was originally released in Australia in 2009. It's been popular on the film festival circuit, and actually had a DVD release. It's box office according to Wikipedia: $141,242.

*Bonus Question: What movie am I referencing with the name of the dance?


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