The Last of Us at E3 2012 – First Gameplay Footage Shows A Brutally Violent, Unforgiving World. Basically Video Game Heaven.

Finally we get to see some gameplay footage of Naughty Dog's The Last of Us! This was what was shown to the E3 attendees last night, and avid gamers will instantly recognize it's graphical similarities to the Uncharted series. What stands out right away is that the story looks like its infinitely darker than what we saw with Nathan Drake's treasure hunting adventures, which were full of witty banter and one liners. Drake was actively out looking for his fortunes, these people look like they would settle for a hot shower and a pizza. 

In the footage you are going to see the main characters, Joel and Ellie, as they are trying to get to a bridge that will help them get the fuck out of dodge. They are tourists in a run down city that is full of dangerous people that only care about their own survival, meaning they wouldn't think twice to kill a stranger. It's an extremely violent and unforgiving world, and you've gotta do what you do.