The Dogshit James Cameron Spider-Man Movie That Almost Was

When writing my review for  The Amazing Spider-Man, which is proving that there's  no such thing as a "too-soon reboot", I had to do a little research on the history of Spider-Man in film (see: Wikipedia). One notable fact that I stumbled across was that James Cameron, director of the two biggest movies ever (Avatar and Titanic) was at one time (the early 90's) attached to direct his own version.

Me, I'm a fan of pretty much everything Cameron has directed, even his first effort, 1981's Piranha 2: The Spawning, which featured MOTHERFUCKING FLYING PIRANHAS, had it's charm. So of course his version of Spider-Man would have kicked so much ass it would be right up there with Titanic and Avatar, right? Well, according to Cracked.Com's Daniel O'Brien, it wouldn't have.