The Gameplay Trailer for Star Wars 1313 Shows the Lowest Levels of Coruscant

OH YEAH (KOOL-AID Man voice)!

A 3rd person (think Gears of War) Star Wars game where you take the role of a gun and gadget wielding bounty hunter rather than a force-wielding behemoth? Sign this motherfucker UP!

This is actually the first I've seen of Star Wars 1313, although I heard of it plenty after it was announced at E3 2012. In it you take the role of a bounty hunter who goes to the lowest levels of Coruscant, the planet covered by one giant city in the films, to find out the truth about a vast criminal conspiracy.

By the description of the gameplay I am immediately reminded of the Batman: Arkham Asylum/City games, which is not a bad thing at all. 




Clevver Games did the world a favor and put together a video with all three extended gameplay trailers from E3.