The Evil Dead Official Red-Band Trailer Is Gnarly, Twisted, and Awesome

Ok, there won't be the sure-fire Bruce Campbell as the star, nor do you have Sam Raimi, who helmed the first three films, but I can't wait to see what director Fede Alvarez has in store for The Evil Dead, especially after seeing this first Red Band Teaser Trailer:


I just got done watching this with Rika, who made a good point when she said "yeah...well wheres the humor?" She's saying that because despite the OG trilogy's penchant for extreme violence and gore, they were downright hilarious, with Campbell providing a great amount of comedy through physical humor and snappy one liners.

I'm hopin' this new version has the fun element intact when it hits theaters next April. But then again, it's going to have to try and be it's own film, and it has been said that it would be about a group of teenagers who go to a secluded cabin and find the book, and the similarities to the original will end there, but I don't believe that. Just look at the female Ash, played by Jane Levy, who cuts her arm off, just like Campbell did back in ED2. Ok, this doesn't prove anything, it just looks cool.