The Disney Paintings of Thomas Kinkade (1958-2012)

Death is a tragic, bizarre, and mind bending thing. You never know when it's going to happen, no matter if you think you do or not. You might just beat that disease, the shotgun might not fire, or whatever higher power you believe in might just be feeling generous that day. And it's pretty random to boot.  In the course of a week the world has lost Junior Seau, Adam Yauch (aka MCA from the Beastie Boys), and now Thomas Kinkade, who died yesterday of what was described as an accidental overdose. The first two were very famous, the third you may not have heard of, but chances are you've seen his work.
Kinkade called himself "The Painter of Light", and by some estimates, 1 in every 20 American homes has one of his paintingssssssss holy fucking shit really? The fine art world thought he was a money grubbing hack, a sellout for  peddling his works through shit like QVC. I call it "business acumen". And I don't care whether you like him or not, because I think his Disney paintings are awesome. The painting you see at the top is titled "Pinocchio Wishes Upon A Star", the second is simply "The Little Mermaid".