The Darkness Covers Radiohead’s Street Spirit, Plus My Favorite Tracks – #MusicMonday

Earlier this month I showed you a new music video from The Darkness, titled Every Inch of You, and today they are my Music Monday subject. This was brought on by an email my buddy Big Mike, who sent me a YouTube video of the bands cover of Radiohead's Street Spirit (Fade Out). I had never heard it before a couple days ago, but as of now I've probably listened to it roughly thirty times. Mike sent me the studio version, but I liked this live version from 2004 even better.

The Darkness formed in THE YEAR 2000, with Justin Hawkins acting as the lead singer and guitar player, his brother Dan as a guitarist / backup vocals, Frankie Poullain on the bass / backing vocals and Ed Graham on the drums.

It was a rainy Seattle night in 2003 when I first heard the Darkness, and I immediately knew I was hooked. They were rockin' hard and they sounded a lot like Queen. Most of the popular music on the radio at the time was pretty tame, like The Postal Service, or Everclear, so to hear some heavy guitars with high pitched Freddie Mercury-like vocals was insanely awesome.

That first song I heard?
I Believe In A Thing Called Love, off their debut album Permission to Land.If you've only listened to a few of their songs, it's an album I highly recommend, it's rock solid from start to finish.

For our next track lets keep it  with the UFO theme and go with Growing on Me, also off Permission to Land.

The debut album was definitely a high point for the band. While recording the follow up, bassist Frankie Poullain left the group due to "artistic differences". I remember feeling a little pissed off about it, his style definitely had an influence and I thought I would never have the chance to see the original foursome play together.

Not too long after the release of the second album, singer Justin Hawkins also left the band after getting out of rehab. The remaining members were talking about continuing, but it was like are you fucking kidding me? Without your lead singer who is the main draw?

One Way Ticket To Hell...And Back, released in November of 2005, was considered a disappointment as far as sales. It was also thought to be their final album until the band announced a reunion last year.  Alas, it did have two awesome songs that I will share with you today, starting with the title track, which is most definitely about cocaine.

Is it Just Me? is another winner.

Last up, we have a video for a relatively new song, released in February of this year, titled Nothin's Gonna Stop Us. Love the flamingo band.

Fuck it, I'm out!