The Amazing Spider-Man – Quick Review

Rika and I celebrated the Fourth of July by going to see The Amazing Spider-Man, the reboot starring Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone, and Rhys Ifans. It was a packed theater, which was apparently common across the land as it's currently cleaning house at the box office. But what did I think about it? Hit the jump to read my quick review.

Ok, if you don't want to know anything about The Amazing Spider-Man, don't read ahead, because.........SPOILERS!

It was hard to get me excited about The Amazing Spider-Man, but because of the fact I saw a couple good looking trailers in 3D over the last few months, I became skeptical that it might actually be good.

I've always been a fan of Sam Raimi, the director of the previous three Spider-Man films, and thought it was silly that his mega-blockbusters were being rebooted so quick. But then again I thought the last two were shit.

The Social Network's Andrew Garfield is the new Peter Parker and Emma Stone plays Gwen Stacy, his high school love interest. Yes, they are still in high school, although Garfield just became famous for playing a college student, and Stone played a high school senior five years ago in Superbad. But whatever, right?

Anyways I'm just gonna be quick to the point from here on out and first off say this is a very, very ho-hum movie, mostly due to the fact that you've basically seen it before.

I mean it's the same shit that we saw in 2002 with Tobey Maguire in the lead. Peter Parker gets picked on by a super douche named Flash, and let me just say it's very realistic that a guy lookin' like Andrew Garfield gets picked on so much.

He gets bit by a spider in the Oscorp labs, which gives him powers. His uncle Ben dies, this time tryin' to stop a robber who took a six pack from an asshole convenience store clerk. Spidey fights another doctor / high ranking executive type, this time Rhys Ifans as The Lizard.

Yes, it's stuff we're familiar with, but director Mark Webb did pretty solid work. The pacing seemed pretty good throughout, and it didn't drag too much, but then again there was never any great moments that elevated it above a very safe movie.

The performances by the two leads were solid, if unspectacular. Garfield earned his paycheck, and Stone did too. On a side note, is it common to allow high school students access to the highest security checkpoints in a place like the fictional Oscorp?
Because she had it.

Dennis Leary was great as Captain Stacy, Gwen's father and the man leading the charge in apprehending Spidey. Ifans did his job as Dr Curt Connors / The Lizard, but the cg on the lizard was kinda crappy if you ask me, and the lyp-syncing while he was in giant Lizard form was even worse.

Overall, I give it a B-. It's a very safe movie that does this and that well, but I've seen it before, and judging by the box office success of the previous Spider-Man films, so have you.