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The Final Presidential Debate – Brought to You By Triumph the Insult Comic Dog

Conan O'Brien busted out with spray tan and cornrows to do a political segment in celebration of the final presidential debate, which took place this past Monday at Lynn University in Boca Raton, Florida. He couldn't attend it himself, he does have a show to host, but he did send a special correspondent to talk […]


The Hipster Hunt by Lorena Galliot and Julie Percha Tries to Answer The Seemingly Impossible Question: What is a Hipster?

When Lorena Galliot moved to New York from France last year, she figured her English was top notch, but then she kept hearing a word she was unfamiliar with: HIPSTER. She then decided to use her journalism skills in an attempt to finally answer the question: What is a hipster? The result is The Hipster […]


Gotta love Ol’ Blue Eyes

Found this gem from filmmaker Casey Neistat on The Daily What. Think the cops are getting a little frustrated? Maybe they should be out doing real police work? Last time I checked, these corporations can afford their own security task force. Let those greedy fucks pay for it.