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Anchorman 2 Has A Poster, Insulting the Evening News Team Clip

Anchorman 2 is probably gonna be awesome. I hope so at least. As I'm sure you know, I hated the first one in my initial viewing. I thought Steve Carell was particularly annoying. But that's before I saw 40 Year Old Virgin. Anyways, heres a poster for Anchorman 2. I think it's about time I […]


Judd Apatow’s This is 40, A “Sort-Of-Sequel” To Knocked Up

Knocked Up is my second favorite Judd Apatow movie after The 40 Year Old Virgin. Anchorman has had a recent resurgence, but still sits at a respectable third, which is pretty good cause I thought it sucked the first time I saw it. But a "sort-of-sequel" to Knocked Up? Unexpected, but probably more watchable than […]