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The Official Trailer for Elysium, Director Neill Blomkamp’s First Film Since District 9 (+ Screen Cap Gallery)

Matt Damon stars as an ordinary man with an extraordinary (and apparently very dangerous) opportunity… It's easy for me to remember the first time I saw District 9. It was Christmas 2009, and Big Ed gifted it to me as my first blu-ray. Whether you like the films or not, that year had some big […]


Disney, StarWars.Com Confirms It, J.J. Abrams to Direct Episode 7, Bill Murray Sings

I usually don't like to report on rumors, and the biggest this week by a mile was most definitely that J.J. Abrams would be directing Star Wars: Episode 7. So I went to bed this morning hoping I would wake up with a confirmation. Well, it's not a rumor anymore. Abrams, who already resurrected a […]


Star Trek: Into Darkness Has a New Full Trailer That is Half as Exciting as the Teaser

Two days back a new "full" trailer for Star Trek into Darkness showed up online, and here it is: Roughly two weeks ago a teaser was unleashed that you've gotta check out. Although it runs about half as long it contains twice the action. Don't get me wrong, I like both trailers, and I think […]


Star Trek into The Darkness Has it’s First Teaser and It Looks Absolutely Incredible

Star Trek into Darkness is the sequel to J.J. Abrams' 2009 reboot of the franchise, a movie that I thought was about five times better than it was going to be. My anticipation for the sequel was already high, but after seeing this first teaser it moved right to the front of my most anticipated […]


Iron Sky – US Trailer Debut Is Finally Here

Not since February had we seen anything new on Iron Sky,  the for sure Oscar contender that features Nazi invaders from "THE DARK SIDE OF THE MOON!" Now it has it's first official US trailer (Via IGN), although I can't seem to find that theres actually an official US release date. I dunno, this one […]