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The Next on Instant Netflix Report – November 2012

Oh yeah! It's November 1st, which means iiiiits time for the November edition of The Next on Instant Netflix Report. We're gonna do it a little bit differently in November, as I will be doing a  "just arrived" section rather than covering what showed up on the first of the month. This is because some […]


The Smashing Pumpkins – #MusicMonday

Music Monday is my segment that takes place on…….you guessed it, Mondays. Look for the Music Monday logo (designed by my lovely Rika) which basically means that’s it’s a music related post on a Monday. Some Music Monday posts may be pretty heavy so please be patient while it loads. If you have a problem […]


DouBleB’s 2012 Oscar Picks – “Best Picture”

The end is here. I make my final Oscar pick tonight with "Best Picture".  As I have said before it has been quite the undertaking, writing one of these for nearly every single one of the past 27 days. I would go in with a fresh mindset each day, as opposed to writing several in […]


DouBleB’s 2012 Oscar Picks – “Art Direction”

Art direction is such a critical part of movies nowadays. With studios are spending more and more than ever on their epic films, you have to have some talented people ready to design the look of it all. Same goes to those on a tighter budget who need the right, cost effective person to make […]

Without further bullshit, click here for your nominees for “Art Direction”

DouBleB’s 2012 Oscar Picks – Cinematography

The cinematography field is loaded with talent, as always, including the man who was director of photography for a Vanilla Ice film. Disclaimer: I have not seen every single one of this year’s nominated movies, and I probably won’t for reasons that I don’t want to waste my time watching shit that was manufactured  just […]

Without further bullshit, click here for your nominees for “Cinematography”