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Heres a Video of Fan Reactions to Last Night’s “Red Wedding” Scene from Game of Thrones

Last night's atomic bomb of an episode surely caught fans like myself off guard, luckily, nobody was around to tape my reaction… Having never read George R.R. Martin's supposededly amazing (and for f##ks sake it probably is, if the show is any indication) A Song of Ice and Fire book series, I wasn't fully prepared […]


Game of Thrones Season 3, Episode 9 – “The Rains of Castamere” Review

The penultimate episode for the third season was impactful to say the least… Tonight's Game of Thrones, titled "The Rains of Castamere", the ninth episode of season three, was much like the ninth episode of season 3 ("Blackwater") in that it was simply huge. Here is a preview for those of you who don't have […]


A Map of Westeros To Get You Ready for The Rains of Castamere, Bow Down to House Black’s Sigil

I have a feeling we're gonna see something special on Sunday… Until about an hour ago, I had never actually looked at a map of Westeros, one of the the three known continents in the Game of Thrones universe and where the bulk of the action takes place in the series. Of course I found […]


The First Poster for Thor: The Dark World Gets Us Excited For This Week’s Trailer Reveal

Chris Hemsworth looks ready to put the hammer down as Thor, the Prince of Asgard, in the new poster… In anticipation for this week's release of the first teaser trailer for Thor: The Dark World, the first official poster showed up a few days back. ScreenRant has already seen said teaser, and they give a […]


Bow Down to Tonight’s Game of Thrones Episode “And Now His Watch Has Ended”

Due to time constraints, I can't write a review right now, but it was so good I had to give a shout out… I'm a little strapped for time right now and don't have time for a full review, but Im just gonna say that tonight's Game of Thrones episode, titled And Now His Watch […]