Sigur Ros at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery, Sent in By Taryn – #MusicMonday

The crash is over. In case you didn't know, we had some server problems that caused the site to crash earlier in the day, but those are hopefully fixed now. Unfortunately, due to this delay I have to postpone the Music Monday story on The Killers to next week. be on the lookout for that. In it's place I have something a little different. Yesterday (August 13th, 2012), Reykjavik, Iceland's own Sigur Ros played a sold-out gig at the famed Hollywood Forever Cemetery, and my friend Taryn sent me three short little videos of the performance to my phone. I thought these were awesome, and since it' s still Music Monday, I thought I might as well throw them up for you to see. Thanks Taryn!

If anybody out there has video of concert performances they've been to that they would like to see on my site, please, feel free to send them to





photo by Flickr user ocad123