Seahawks Beat the Patriots. Richard Sherman Taunts Tom Brady on Twitter. Brandon Browner Obliterates Wes Welker. Translation: One of the Greatest Days Ever.

HOW 'BOUT THEM SEAHAWKS! Our rookie QB Russell Wilson got the job done against (FUCK) the New England Patriots today in dramatic fashion, hooking up with Sidney Rice on a 46 yard touchdown with 1:18 remaining in the game to give Seattle a 24-23 victory.  The Century Link Stadium crowd was completely jacked up since well before the beginning of the game. Here they are when Walter Jones Raises the 12th Man Flag in this video posted by YouTuber nypowwow. It must have been deafening in there. 
I woke up this morning and didn't even realize what day it was. Me. A Seattle Seahawks fan, and one of the biggest New England Patriots haters out there to boot. Nope, I just played NBA 2K13 up until I had to go to work, and as I was walking to the bus it hit me: I should have taken today off. I didn't even get to watch it, instead followed the gamecast on ESPN.

Tom Brady was playing in The Clink, in front of an insane 12th man crowd, one he said earlier this week that he would turn against the Seahawks to the point where they'd be booing the home team. How well do you think that worked? Well, my buddy Brent, who we all know as THE HAWK, was there with homies Cube and Ian (who got interviewed by the Dan Patrick Show at the tailgate), they are are all hardcore veterans of the 12th man crew. This was them with 5:35 left. Do they look like they're revolting? (Hawk has the green construction hat, Ian is to his left, and Cube is guy with the black hood to his right).

Richard Sherman picked off Brady in the second half of the game, after he kept telling Gisele's husband "I'm going to get that next time" and "please keep trying me. I'm going to take it from you." To which Brady replied "Oh, I'll see you after the game". Well, Sherman did see him after the game, he tweeted about it, and even was nice enough to include a picture. Classic trash talk.

Lastly we have the Legion of Boom! member Brandon Browner obliterating Wes  Welker in the 2nd quarter. That's it. Time to go home and watch The Walking Dead!