Screen Junkies Honest Trailer for The Hunger Games Tells It Like It Is

Posting has admittedly been a little slow lately, but I have my reasons. It has been hot as fuck here in SoCal the last few weeks, and it has been draining for DouBle B. Mind you im a born and bred Washingtonian, so my Summers were nice and warm, but also mercifully had the occasional cold or rainy day. Not here. Nuh uh. Shit has been sunny and bright ever since I got back from Christmas vacation up in Port Townsend. And the temperatures have gone up in August. I am also working a few day shifts at the hotel, so it's a lot busier for me and I can't pull as much double duty with all the fine guests I am checking in. Anwyays, I thought I'd let you know (I was sweating just typing that shit).

The Hunger Games was released on DVD and Blu-ray yesterday, and in celebration Screen Junkies gave it the Honest Trailers treatment: 

I hated this movie, but I wasn't exactly jacked about seeing it in the first place, so that wasn't much of a surprise. When I saw that it was a movie about teenagers having been put in a arena of sorts to fight to the death, I immediately thought of the insanely awesome (and violent) Battle Royale. So, for about thirty seconds, I was like "coooool" Then I noticed it was PG-13. RED FLAG! 

If it was rated R, and these teens were violently offing each other in elaborate ways that involved losing limbs and buckets of blood (which always adds emotional depth) I'm sure I would have absolutely loved it. But they were goin' for the Twilight crowd, and they sure as shit got em (to the tune of $684 million at the box office), if they did it my way they would have made less than half that if they were lucky. So theres that.