Rika Talks Falco – #MusicMonday

Note from DouBle B: Today we have a very special Music Monday guest in my lovely Rika, who is here to talk about one of her favorite European artists: Falco.


            To introduce Falco, I do have to confess that I grew up in Germany, but by no means is that the reason why I am a loyal fan.

Let me explain. Ever since I was little I was very picky to what I listened to. Definitely not too fond of what the German Charts held dear, like ‘DJ Bobo’,  ‘Die Toten Hosen’ and later on ‘Caught in the Act’… I listened to music from the 50’s and 60’s, including records from my parents like ‘Peter, Paul and Mary’, ‘Joan Baez’ and my favorite ‘The Gypsy Kings’. So, when I heard Falco for the first time I was truly shocked by how much I fell in love with his music.

            I never felt this strongly about anything THAT popular or anything for that matter. Not wanting to belong to THAT majority, I never quite admitted it to others or even myself, so it became a secret love interest. Whenever his songs played on the radio, my heart filled with happiness and I felt at peace. There was this strange and mysterious connection I had with his music. It may be because his songs are completely unique and way, way beyond his time. Nothing compares to his style, even today.

            Falco was the first singer/songwriter who has successfully mixed German and English into his songs polishing them off with his sexy Austrian accent. The content of his lyrics were mind blowing, comical and/or genius. He made the bold decision to sing a song in the eyes of a serial killer/rapist. ‘Jeanny’ was banned from radio, leaving the public shocked. Again, the first of it’s kind in Germany. In fact I have not yet encountered a song that was as intimate to the victim. 

The music video starts off a bit odd, but has a great ending. At the 4:09 mark there is a fantastic shot of him going insane, which has the camera pulling out through a very long hallway, which also appears in the 'Out of the Dark' music video.

            When I saw Falco on TV for the first time, I fell in love with his smooth moves, fantastic mannerisms and goofy attitude. He doesn’t have one of those pretty boy faces like Justin Bieber. Falcos’ face is uniquely varnished with a greatly sized nose, smallish lips and pointy eye brows. To me he was the perfect creature. He would make a great Dracula for I am also a Vampire fan.

            Falco had always struggled with his dark side, which was also something that pulled me towards him, because I’ve always fought with loneliness as well. His struggle against desolation led to lots and lots of women and lots and lots of drugs. Never had I heard a song about the battle of quitting drugs until “Out of the Dark”. After a long break, he again blew everyone away with this song. The tragedy is that he was finally clean, about to get married when he crashed his car in a fatal accident the same year of his hit “Out of the Dark”. He was off drugs and about to re-launch his music carrier.

Because I was still young and barely had any money of my own to spend, I never had any cassettes or CD’s of his. When I moved to the states, I was overwhelmed with everything, trying to learn about all the stuff kids listen to here. I do have to say that Americans have a better taste in music. It might be because there is just more of it, I don’t know. Sorry, my German friends but it’s true. To be fair, Germans have a better taste in movies. Anyways, other then remembering Falco here and there, he sadly faded away with the rest of my German culture.

            I can’t really describe the feeling I had when I held a Falco record in my hands digging through a Salvation Army box about a year ago. It’s been 11 years since I even saw any sort of Falco album. I fell in love with him all over again starring at this “Rock me Amadeus” album for several minutes,… I must have looked like an idiot sitting in the middle of the store starring at this album with a huge grin on my face. I think I even shed a tear. Not being able to listen to the album, I didn’t start listening to his music again until I discovered Spotify. “Falco” IS the first name I typed into this amazing app. Not one day goes buy without Falco. He puts me in a good mood and NOW I’m not afraid to say: “I’m a Falco fan!”

Favorite Songs:

Out of the Dark [(part English part German) released the same year he died. Tragically ironic, this was in a way his “Good-by to drugs” song.]
Egoist [translation: “The whole world evolves around ME!- “Who does he think he is?” (German)]
Rock me Amadeus (Inspired by the movie Amadeus. The song describes the Mozart character in the movie.)
Der Kommissar
Monarchy Now
Jeanny (was banned from the radio)
Junge Roemer
No Time for Revolution (English)