Nine Favorites from The Killers – #MusicMonday Band of the Week

Day and Age - Released November 18th, 2008 (wow has it really been that long since we had a Killers album?), as I have said before, I absolutely despised the lead single, Human. I was working at Hollywood Video at the time it was released, and it was included in the video we had to run on loop. Mind you those videos that show trailers for games, movies, and music are only 45 minutes or so long, so any given shift I would hear that fucking song around 10 times. I was pretty dead set that this was the album that was the end of my love for The Killers, but as I was wrong before with Sam's Town, I found Day and Age to be another solid album.  I do hope Battle Born is a step up, though.

Losing Touch - the opening track has always been my favorite on Day and Age. I was reluctant to even give this album a try after hearing Human so many times, I figured I hated that song enough that the rest of the tracks wouldn't make up for it. Once. Again. Wrong. It gave me the hope I needed to slog through the rest, which didn't turn out so bad either.

Spaceman - One of the more lighthearted and fun Killers songs, it's a very radio-friendly jingle that I enjoyed from the first listen. Plus it's got this fantasticly random and weird video to go along with it.


That's it for this week's Music Monday Band of the Week. What are some of your favorites from The Killers?