Nine Favorites from The Killers – #MusicMonday Band of the Week

Hot Fuss - Released June 15, 2004 in the U.S. (The lucky U.K. got it a week earlier), I listened to this album sooooooo many GD times. I was living with my good buddy Hawk in a small studio apartment in the U-District of Seattle (Go Huskies) when it came out, and it pretty much ran on repeat for months. Catchy as hell.
The Killers Hot Fuss Cover Nine Favorites from The Killers   #MusicMonday Band of the Week

Jenny Was A Friend of Mine - The opening track helped explain The Killers choice for a band name, as it's told from the perspective of a man who is taken in by the police for questioning on the murder of a girl named Jenny. That's where the line "there ain't no motive for this crime, Jenny was a friend of mine" comes from. This song is one third of the so-called "Murder Trilogy" that includes Midnight Show and The B-Side Leave the Bourbon on the Shelf off of Sawdust. 

All These Things That I've Done - the third single released from Hot Fuss. I remember when I watched Jericho for the first time and heard it over the opening, thinking to myself "that's another great fucking song."