Nine Favorites from The Killers – #MusicMonday Band of the Week

Hot Fuss - Released June 15, 2004 in the U.S. (The lucky U.K. got it a week earlier), I listened to this album sooooooo many GD times. I was living with my good buddy Hawk in a small studio apartment in the U-District of Seattle (Go Huskies) when it came out, and it pretty much ran on repeat for months. Catchy as hell.

Jenny Was A Friend of Mine - The opening track helped explain The Killers choice for a band name, as it's told from the perspective of a man who is taken in by the police for questioning on the murder of a girl named Jenny. That's where the line "there ain't no motive for this crime, Jenny was a friend of mine" comes from. This song is one third of the so-called "Murder Trilogy" that includes Midnight Show and The B-Side Leave the Bourbon on the Shelf off of Sawdust. 

All These Things That I've Done - the third single released from Hot Fuss. I remember when I watched Jericho for the first time and heard it over the opening, thinking to myself "that's another great fucking song."