Nikola Tesla vs Thomas Edison. Epic Rap Battles of History. Brings the Heat

I've been extremely busy the last few days promoting The 2nd Annual DouBle B Reviews Bracket Challenge, and I realize that I didn't post a new Thursday Trailer Shootout! segment this week. So look for that sometime tomorrow evening. But that doesn't mean I don't have something awesome for you.

It's a rap battle between rival famed (and deceased) inventors Nikola Tesla and Thomas Edison, brought to you by Epic Rap Battles of History, who I haven't heard of until today but see they have a pretty f-in rad collection of comedic rap battles put together that actually teach its viewers something. Click any of the pics below the video to see a gallery of my fave screencaps, and below that, a link to see full lyrics. Enjoy! 

Nikola Tesla vs Thomas Edison - Epic Rap Battles of History Lyrics:

i'm the father of today so just sit down son
we're like AC/DC, but i'm the half that won.
I'll be droppin' rhymes like your concrete houses
Tesla vs Edison is like cats and mouses
Don't be shocked boss, I'm turning on the lights
Like World Fair: Chicago, I'll brighten up the night.
New York, America, and someday Earth
I've been sparkin' up ideas for mankind since birth.

Don't try to win Tesla, this might not end
Pack your bags for the Alps, you got some Serbs to defend.
You need to understand the humor we americans speak
or I'll drag you back to Europe 'cause your raps are too weak.
Remote controls and motors, who cares about that?
I've got 1,000 patents to make you tip your top hat.
You can try to light us up with some antique souvenirs
but my bulb's burned bright for a hundred and Thirty years.

Screw it Edison, 'cause this is your last bolt.
I'm about to turn the trouble up to 6,000 volts.
I'm stronger than my Quake Machine, more deadly than my Death Ray
So quit it with your games because i'm done with your child's play.

I took it to the next level when you moved to my street
I'll topple you like Wardenclyffe cause 'cause you're close to defeat.

You're a fraud Edison, and you know it's true
Buying people's patents and giving the credit to you.

Don't frame me Tesla, this is becoming an obsession
just like you and pigeons, now class is in session.
you died alone in your appartment, raving mad
Stuck broke in your bed with the 'Help Wanted' ads.

I may have died alone but atleast i died strong
unlike how you and diabetes just couldn't get along.
Now Edison, face Morgan, Westinghouse, and the Jury
Get the memo boss, this is my 21st Century.