NBA 2K13 Will Give Players the Chance to See Who’s Better: The 1992 Dream Team or the 2012 Gold Medal Winners

Editors note: According to NBA 2K13's Wikipedia page this was Jay-Z's idea. I'm sure he's patting himself on the back for this revolutionary thought.  

With all the debate that has been raging over who is better between the 1992 Dream Team or the current Gold Medal winning USA Basketball squad, 2K Sports thought it would be a great idea to put both teams in NBA 2K13. And guess what, they were right. There is a catch though. If you look closely you will not see a digital recreation of Scottie Pippen, and that is due to some sort of disagreement between 2K Sports and the former Robin to Michael Jordan's Batman. This takes away the Dream Team's most versatile defender, one who could guard anybody from Chris Paul to LeBron (as effectively as anybody can guard LeBron at least, guy is a fucking monster). But who cares, it still sounds awesome. NBA 2K13 hits shelves October 2nd. 

Photo via NBA 2K13's facebook page