NBA 2K13 Video Blowout!

The NBA 2K13 USA Basketball Trailer, see the 1992 Dream Team matchup against the current gold medal winners:

What caught my eye: You know what I thought was funny? That for the first fifty or so seconds, everybody's ballin', dunkin' all over the place, hittin' treys, and generally being great players. Then Karl Malone gets the ball and tries a weak lefty hook in the lane that gets REJECTED hard by LeBron. Malone was, along with Christian Laetner (fuck Duke), was my least favorite player on the OG Dream Team, so I got a big laugh out of it.

Bottom line: I'm very stoked for this game, but unlike years past, it's not an 100% fact I'm gonna buy it. With my precious video game time being so little these days, I need to make an informed decision. I already know Madden 13 is great, so am I gonna get that or 2K? I'll wait to see some reviews to find out.