NBA 2K13 Video Blowout!

Here are the latest of the Developer Insight videos, if you missed the first two you can check them out here and here

First up - Developer Insight Video #3, which talks about the souped up animation:

What caught my eye: That dunk where he picks it up with his feet is pretty badass, I haven't seen that before. But really it's lip service, I won't be able to judge the graphics until I have the finished game runnin' on my XBox 360. The demos from the last two years didn't even seem to hint at how the finished game felt. 

Let's take a look at Developer Video #4, which dishes the goods on MyCareer (formerly known as MyPlayer)

What caught my eye: As great as it sounds, this is such an in-depth mode that I don't think I'll have the time for it, despite the opportunity to have Pauly D and Justin Bieber tell me how good I am. 

NEXT UP - Talkin' 2K with Blake Griffin