NBA 2K13 Video Blowout!

NBA 2K13 Video Blowout(1) NBA 2K13 Video Blowout!

Here are the latest of the Developer Insight videos, if you missed the first two you can check them out here and here

First up - Developer Insight Video #3, which talks about the souped up animation:

What caught my eye: That dunk where he picks it up with his feet is pretty badass, I haven't seen that before. But really it's lip service, I won't be able to judge the graphics until I have the finished game runnin' on my XBox 360. The demos from the last two years didn't even seem to hint at how the finished game felt. 

Let's take a look at Developer Video #4, which dishes the goods on MyCareer (formerly known as MyPlayer)

What caught my eye: As great as it sounds, this is such an in-depth mode that I don't think I'll have the time for it, despite the opportunity to have Pauly D and Justin Bieber tell me how good I am. 

NEXT UP - Talkin' 2K with Blake Griffin