NBA 2K13 Video Blowout!

I was outta the game for a few weeks, and tonight I found myself catching up on the latest NBA 2K13 videos from 2K Sports. So I'm gonna share with you what I've been looking at, and my thoughts on each.

Let us begin with the official trailer that was released about a week ago:

What caught my eye: Ray Allen bombing away for the Miami Heat, which is a scary thought, it's not like they needed even less pressure for LeBron and co after they've got that supposed monkey off their back. JaVale McGee is shown throwing the ball off the backboard to himself for the JAAAAAM, which is something you've never been able to do. This video also features Derrick Rose, who might miss most of the upcoming season due to the nasty torn acl he suffered in the first round of last season's playoffs. The Chicago Tribune ran a great story on him yesterday, and after reading it I'm definitely pulling for his return to full health. You can check that out here

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