IGN’s Ryan McCaffrey Reviews NBA 2K13, Kinect Trailer

T-minus 48 hours and 5 minutes until it's officially 2K Day! My early analysis, based on the demo that I played for about an hour or so, is that the new controls will definitely take some time to get used to. It's just so different from any of the past games in the series, but the potential to learn all the dribbling moves is so intriguing. Before the NBA Live series became the joke it is today, it introduced a similar control scheme that worked to perfection. That's what I'm hoping for.

If they hadn't introduced this change I probably would have just kept 2K12 because I'm still playing it so much, but the lure of the new rookies and updated gameplay is just too much to pass up. In other words, you'll see me in line at midnight on launch.

IGN's Executive Editor Ryan McCaffrey put up the first review on the net that I have seen, after you're done watching it, hit the jump for a video featuring Senior Producer Rob Jones, who talks about the Kinect Integration for the XBox 360.

As I have said many times before, I love the Kinect, for it's voice controls, but definitely not the motion sensor element (which sucks). I am very glad to see they have found some great ways to keep the game flowing in 2K. I don't know how many hurried shots I've had to take because I took too long picking a play, now I can say something like "Pick and Roll" and it'll just happen. SWEEEEET.