My Favorites from Queen on Fire (Live at the Bowl) – #MusicMonday

One fateful day in November 2007,  after some hesitation, I was lucky enough to be talked into going inside one of those large grocery store-sized bargain bins where they sell cd's,dvd's, and video games. Once I stepped inside I loved it, it had a lot of rare and foreign imports, shit I never ended up buying but always thought about it, or just plain didn't have the money, you know what Im sayin?

WhenI was done shuffling through the countless Avril Lavigne, Beyonce, and Josh Groban bootlegs, I stumbled upon upon a gem that I still listen to from time to time to this very day: Queen on Fire (Live At The Bowl). It was recorded live on June 5th, 1982 at the famed National Bowl in Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire, England. Let's take a look at my favorite tracks, starting with the opener of Flash/The Hero, aka the theme song to Flash Gordon, aka John and Ted's favorite movie in Ted.!Queen_On_Fire_Live_At_The_Bowl.jpg

For the next song let's all just watch out...cause it's the Dragon Attack/Now I'm Here (reprise) combo.

Next up: Save Me, Save Me, Saaaaaaaaaaave Meeee!.......It's actually just called Save Me.

Get Down, Make Love

Under Pressure (sans Bowie)

Tie Your Mother Down


Last Up - Another One Bites the Dust