Microsoft Announces $99 XBox 360 Bundle

So the rumors are true. Yesterday Microsoft officially made the announcement that they will be offering a $99 XBox 360 that comes with the Kinect. What's the catch? You have to make a two-year commitment to XBox Live at $15 per month, which you will need, believe me. The number crunchers over at G4TV say that even with the two year commitment you end up saving around $39 over that span.

Cheap Xbox
If you are looking for an easy to use, affordable media hub you can't get much better than the XBox 360, especially since it comes with a Kinect, which means you can use voice commands to select pretty much anything on its service. For instance, right now my most used apps are Instant Netflix, HBO Go, Watch ESPN, YouTube, UFC, and Zune Marketplace. If you didn't realize it, yes it runs all of those.