Metta World Peace Goes All Ron Artest on James Harden

I was pretty jacked to watch today's Oklahoma City Thunder vs Los Angeles Lakers game. With both teams trying to solidify their playoff spots, Kevin Durant chasing Kobe Bryant for the chance to win his third straight scoring title, and the Thunder looking to complete a season sweep, it had a lot going for it. After running some errands, I hurried to turn on the game, which was in the second quarter, and this is the first thing I saw:

And here I thought the big UFC fight was last night.

This is just too bad. I like Metta World Peace aka Ron Artest, who has done so much to clean up his image after the infamous brawl when he was an Indiana Pacer against the Detroit Pistons at The Palace in Auburn Hills in 2004 (one he didn't really start, that was Ben Wallace's fault, but he sure as shit finished it). He hasn't had the easiest life, growing up in a rough neighborhood, he once saw 19 year old Lloyd Newton, a  fellow player, die on a basketball court after somebody broke the leg off a table and stabbed him in the back. HOLY SHIT!

But as a person who has experienced SEVERAL CONCUSSIONS I really feel James Harden's pain. It looks like Peace got way too into the moment and took it too far, whether it was "intentional" or not. Peace is a big dude, too, he's listed at 6-7, 260 pounds of muscle. Let's hope Harden recovers in time to be effective for the playoffs, but with a hit like that, shiiiiiit, he could be foggy for a few weeks.

Here is a video of the Malice at the Palace