Mass Effect 3 Video Reviews!

If you haven't heard, Mass Effect 3 finally became available to the public today. I haven't picked it up yet since I currently have a crisis concerning Mass Effect 2. See, I want to beat ME 2 so I can transfer my character to the new one. That means every decision, some life and death, that I have made throughout the first two games will be fully taken into consideration when I start it up.

Back to my "crisis". I am about to go on the "Suicide Mission" near the end of ME2 which appears to be right near the end of the game. But first I need to switch discs back to disc one but WHERE THE FUCK DID IT GO? I lose shit all of the time. I know it's here in my home somewhere but I can't find it for the life of me. I need to find it and beat the game before I play ME3. That's the crisis.

But is Mass Effect 3 any good? I doubt it isn't, but let's see what different publications think by looking at some of their Video Reviews. As the new kid on the block, I haven't really got around to making video reviews yet. But these guys are fucking pros.

Let's look at Destructoid's spoiler free, in depth, 20 minute review. This is actually the first video review I've seen from Destructoid and I'm impressed.

Gamespot’s Video Review is much more cinematic and fast paced. Sweeeet.

Colin Moriarty is the lucky editor at IGN who got the Video Review assignment.