Life of Pi’s Latest International Trailer Gives Us Some Story, Same CG Whales Twirling

Life of Pi. As I have said before, I'm not 100% sold that it will be any good. It's one of those movies that look like it could be fantastic, but also has the potential to end up real, real shitty.

Yeah, it's great to see a trailer that gives us a little hint of the story, but it's also looking very PG-13-ish right now, and that concerns me. Anybody who has read the book knows how grisly it gets, especially near the end, which is very important to the story. I doubt they're gonna go into all of that. Anyways, read more after after the jump. 

Congo comes to mind when I think about a movie that looked awesome but wasn't. It was 1995, and the last Michael Chrichton novel to adapted for the big screen was the earth shattering (seriously it was crazy at the time) Jurassic Park. Amy the Talking Gorilla, who had some sort of amazing gorilla sign language translator Power Glove that I'm pretty sure hasn't been perfected even today, was just fuckin' ridiculous.

I mean just look at the following scene. I was excited for this movie, and look what we got. I love how the dude from Nip/Tuck mocks the lady for being in "communications technology" when he has created this Power Glove for COMMUNICATING with a gorilla that he seems to not be aware of the fact that it could get scared and tear his arm off at any second. I doubt one martini would calm it down.