Congrats To King Felix on Pitching Perfection Today (Of Course the Score Was 1-0)

Felix Hernandez is pretty much the only reason I tune into Seattle Mariners games these days. This is true because the M's only hit .232 as a team, and that is fucking terrible. I watch baseball to see home runs and excitement, and I loved it when everybody was on steroids. But you don't have to hit much when your pitcher is perfect like King Felix was today.

Yep, he didn't allow a hit, walk, nor did the M's commit any errors while scoring one measly little run against the Tampa Bay Devil Rays. That equals a perfect game for the best pitcher in baseball. Congratulations to Felix, The M's, and it's fans, who need to be thrown a bone every once in a while with this godawful hitting. Oh yeah, by the way, the M's became the first team in the long, storied history of Major League Baseball to have a perfect game thrown against them and throw one themselves in the same season.