Brad Pitt and Ray Liotta Are Just Part of An Awesome Cast in Killing Them Softly

Man. My buddy Max told me this trailer for Killing Them Softly was awesome and he was right. This is a movie based off the 1974 novel Cogan's Trade by George V. Higgins, and it was first shown in May at the Cannes Film Festival

The main reason I think I'm gonna love this movie is the cast. Yes, Brad Pitt is usually solid and Ray Liotta is even better, but you also have guys like Richard Jenkins, who I became of after seeing him in Six Feet Under. Others might know him as John C. Reilly's dad in Step Brothers.

Then theres a guy who not a lot of people know about named Scoot McNairy. He has been in a lot of shit, but up until now his best known work could be considered Herbie Fully Loaded, yes, the Lindsay Lohan masterpiece, and yes, I have seen it. But I don't give a shit about Herbie, I care about another movie he starred in called Monsters, directed by Gareth Edwards, who, for reasons that Monsters was so good, will be directing MOTHERFUCKING GODZILLA. So, McNairy is the star of a low budget monster movie called Monsters that get's it's director a shot at a new Godzilla. Of course I love this guy. No fucking doubt. 

Then you've got James Gandolfini aka Tony Soprano from The Sopranos. Just.....just.....fuck yes. 

Killing Them Softly, directed by Andrew Dominik (The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford), will hit theaters October 19th.