Let Me Clear My Throat

In celebration of Das Muppets coming to theaters, here are a few of my favorite tunes/moments from Jim Henson's work. I am trying to convince Rika to go see it with me this weekend but she's not completely sold yet. Despite it currently holding a 97% Tomato Meter Rating and having awesome trailers she still wants to go see Twilight, but not alone, meaning she wants me to go with her. It's amazing what kind of power these terrible movies have over women of all ages, with the average tomato meter at a paltry 38%, they still turn out in droves. I don't get it, isn't the tomato meter the ultimate decider of what women see?

Hello? Anybody? I guess not.

A great dream sequence from The Muppets Take Manhattan, which is my favorite Muppets movie to date.

That sequence directly inspired The Muppet Babies cartoon (yes I know technically they're not Muppets, but that doesn't make it any less awesome).  

My favorite Jim Henson movie by far is The Dark Crysta. One of my favorite scenes is "The Skeksis Dinner". Let's hope the success of The Muppets spurs the long gestating sequel into finally getting made.

I never watched Sesame Street much growing up, although I do remember Follow that Bird fondly, but fuck that noise, we're gonna watch a remix.

But I did watch the shit out of Fraggle Rock, which has come into some controversy years after the fact because somebody thought a character said a racial slur. Let's keep with the remix theme.

Happy Thanksgiving motherfuckers (its great having my own site)

Bonus: Robot Chicken's The Dark Cristal  

Another Bonus: Weezer's awesome "Keep Fishing" video, with Muppets.