Iron Man 3’s First Teaser Trailer Shows The Stark House Being Blown Up, Ben Kingsley as The Mandarin

After a bunch of teasers for the teaser for the teaser, we finally have the teaser for Iron Man 3. I'm not gonna say much because I'm tired after a night at work where there was no internet available (seriously what the hell did I use to do without it?).

Quick thoughts: I wasn't aware that Guy Pearce is in it until I saw this trailer. He plays Dr Aldrich Killian, who in the comics is a geneticist who develops the Extremis technology. Ben Kingsley will probably make an awesome villain, but that doesn't guarantee it'll be an awesome movie, Frances McDormand
was in the last Transformers movie and I'm pretty sure that sucked. Overall, I know Robert Downey Jr will deliver, but I just hope it's better than Iron Man 2.