Highlights of the 2012 NBA Finals Matchup Between the Miami Heat and Oklahoma City Thunder

Congratulations to the Miami Heat, the 2011(barely) / 2012 NBA Champions. LeBron finally has that motherfucker of a monkey off his back. Now we don't have to go through another year wondering if The King can win a crown, it's done. Squashed.

Although the series was over in a relatively quick five games, I thought the Oklahoma City Thunder played fantastic, especially for such a young team, one that is only gonna get better. Right now, they're my favorite team and boast my favorite player in Kevin Durant, but if Seattle gets their team back I jump ship. Yes, I'm, in a way, a total bandwagoner and not afraid to admit it.

It's not a question of loyalty. I just didn't have a team to be loyal to once the Sonics left Seattle. Except the Lakers and Clippers, who I've adopted. I sure wouldn't mind at all if they started winnin' titles. The party in LA would be insane and I would love to see what it's like to be in a title town for the first time.

Anyways, enough with that sappy shit. How about some highlights? Let's start off with one of these great NBA Micro-Movies of the series clinching game 5.


Heres a couple of Phantom HD vids, first is the best of the Heat in the 2012 Finals, the second of the MVP.

How about King James? He was phenomenal in these finals, and at times hopelessly unguardable. By the way, he manhandled James Harden, it was crazy. Harden is a very good player but LeBron gave you a prime example of why he's just that much better. Harden pretty much had to resort to falling down whenever contact would occur in hopes of a charge being called. Oh yeah, and BY THE WAY, the reffing kinda blew in these finals. And it went both ways. I'm just sayin'.

Photo via OnlineAthens.

Oh the crampy 3. That was a fuckin' huge, Willis Reed-like moment from somebody who is clearly the best player in the world.

Last up, a look at LeBron's dominance of game five, in which he ended up with a triple double of 26,11, and 13. Watch his passes, he always has his head up and ready to find the open man. He's a beast.