Happy Mothers Day to Karlena Black, The Best Mother in the World Bar None!

Mom, I love you so much, and I can't wait to come home and visit you.

I have the best mother in the world, others may try, but their attempts are futile. She has always been there for me, I can't even think of one time she missed a soccer or basketball game I played in (which was hundreds). Even when I graduated high school she still came to watch me play in city leagues. And every time I needed to move back home (at least four times that I can think of), she and my father were there for me. She has taught me the value of hard work and to never take anything forgranted. She never called me stupid, a failure, or anything remotely close to that, even when I was at my worst (and probably would have deserved it). That's support not everybody has and I am thankful for that every day of my life.

When Rika and I make it rich, I can't wait to take her on trips to Vegas and wherever she damn well pleases, because she is my mother and she earned it. She is the sweetest lady in the world, and I could never have asked for a more caring, considerate, and enthusiastic parent (seriously, Christmas kicks ass with her around).

BTW, if you ever mess with her I will fucking kill you. HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!

(this is also dedicated to my Grandmother Lois, and Anastasia Chopelas, Rika's mother and my future mother-in-law)