Go Huskies! Beat those Bruins!

I could find any highlights of yesterdays Washington vs USC game, so here is a video of Michael Jordan’s game winning shots.

As a fair warning, tomorrow (March 3rd, which will be “today” shortly) will most likely be a slow posting day as I am headed to go see my beloved Washington Huskies Men’s Basketball team take on the UCLA Bruins, Rika’s school. This will be the first time I have ever been to see my favorite team play, so to say that I am EXCITED AS FUCK is an understatement. Also I must say that “it figures” that I never saw them for the 30 or so years I lived within two hours of Hec Ed Pavilion (now called Alaska Airlines Arena). Oh yeah, did I mention that if the Huskies win tomorrow they will clinch only their second outright league title in 58 years? Like I said EXCITED AS FUCK!

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